Unequal access (local and national implications

Internet access for some people is infected for some countries or areas of being less fortunate. People who are more fortunate have the ability to use the internet and have full access to it. In the poorer countries it is not that common only the rich have it and not the poor which is not fair.

Older people also have less access to the internet because they don’t know how to use a computer or are afraid of using new things. It would make a lot easier for them if they knew how to use the internet show that they can do their shopping and pay bills online.


Privacy of information

Information about people is not very private now because nearly everyone stores information about their customers, patients. Everyones information is stored on some sort of database that’s why a lot of people get junk mail. Schools, hospital, police and so on have our information and it is not private. Most peoplesFacebook profiles can be found when searching online.



Copyright (plagiarism)

Copyright laws protect the original work of the ownership of the developer as their works put on to download such as songs, movies and games.It is easy to copy a piece of material from the internet on to your computer. Most published work has a copyright label on them to remind. Due to the internet things such as movies and songs get downloaded illegally all the time.


Employment structure and working practices

Nearly all working jobs are run by or have something to do with ICT. Every job requires you to have good IT skills now, from a receptionist to a doctor. Previously everything was done on paper and filed away and IT skills were not required, but things have changed.


This has also affected the way people work, it is getting more common that people are working more from home because they can communicate quickly with their office via emails or video conferencing. Meetings and training courses can be done online now.



Effects on local communities

Small Community shops are affected by the ability of people to shop online and buy products that are delivered to them. Small shops like Hypermarkets and villages will be infected from online shopping. This is especially the case on high streets as shops are closing down and even more so in villages and small towns. It is just a lot easier to shop online and get it delivered to your door step.